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It's all about you

In our experience the majority of IT support available for the SME market offers a one-size fits all approach – there’s little opportunity to explore other options: you use what they say whether it fits your needs or not. At Brightology we understand that every business is unique, which is why we will take the time to fully understand what you want to achieve so we can advise the most appropriate solution for you.

Everything is in plain English

There is, however, little benefit in advising you of something if you cannot understand it, which is why everything we do is in Plain English. Naturally some technical terms are needed, but these will always be fully explained.

Small Business IT Support

What Others Are Saying

Samantha Marshall
Samantha MarshallNetwork Develop Succeed
You are absolutely fabulous!!You have stopped me from throwing my printer out of the window and have also speeded up the response time of my laptop.You have counselled me in what is needed to set up office in the portakabin and you have done it all in PLAIN ENGLISH
Jenny How
Jenny HowActive Dartmoor
Brightology have been able to sort out the nightmare issues I have been having with my business emails.Active Dartmoor is a publishing company, and we do our own in-house ad sales, so we rely totally on reliable email communication.Several people have tried to solve the problems we have had, but ...
Barry Phillips
Barry PhillipsBePositive
I've used Brightology a few times and I'm impressed by their ability to explain technical matters in a way that most people can understand.I was particularly impressed when they got my VoIP working despite being told it couldn't.
Dan Smale
Dan SmaleThe Client Factory
What we needed from Brightology was some general help with day to day IT issues.We're a small business with no IT department and as such needed someone to look at what we're dong and make sure we're using IT as efficiently as possibly and not creating problems for ourselves further ...