Mind Mapping for Business

I couldn't wait until I had created a suitable page on our website to break the news.

Today I became an accredited trainer for one of my favourite mind mapping and planning tools - Matchware MindView.

What makes MindView stand apart, in my mind, from other similar tools? In one word: flexibility - and in that respect it is very much like Brightology itself!

All the usual mind mapping facilities are there - creating bubbles and linking them together hierarchically; adding notes, images and hyperlinks to bubbles, etc - but these are intelligently pulled through to the final document if/when you choose to export to a Microsoft Word or PowerPoint file.

Awesome as that is (and believe me, it is awesome when you compare the quality of these functions to their competitors), these are not the functions that make me go "wow".

Mind View can also be used for project management purposes, and this part of it looks and behaves much like Microsoft Project. You can assign start times/dates, durations, multiple predecessors (so tasks don't have to flow A > B > C, they can go A+B > C, etc), resource allocation, percentage completion, calculated fields and summated calculated fields! It has a Gantt view and a simpler yet massively powerful time-line view, you can export to Project and Outlook, you can have it email your allocated resources (if you gave them email addresses), and tonnes more! All the while, these tasks still behave like ordinary nodes in a mind map too, so you can still add notes, images & hyperlinks!

I tell you, I was like a child in a toy shop at today's training session.

Obviously, if you are a MindView user and you would like some training on it - or if you fancy a demonstration to whet your appetite - then get in touch!

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